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Spiritual Blessings

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All Spiritual Blessings

Eph 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:
Eph 1:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:
Eph 1:5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,

This passage answers mankind's most pressing problem - how to be delivered from a profound sinfulness to a God given righteousness that renews the heart.

All Spiritual Blessings

The "spiritual blessings" of verse 3 are given to us in Christ and consist entirely of the work of Christ for our Salvation. In Salvation we are Justified, Sanctified, and Glorified. These "blessings" deliver from the bondage of sin and ultimately cause us to share in the glories of Christ. "All spiritual blessings" refer to the complete work of Christ - everything we need to remove the guilt of our sinfulness, everything we need to live holy and good lives, everything we need to stand against evil, and everything we need for eternal life is given to us in Christ Jesus.

Heavenly Places

Notice, these "spiritual blessings" proceed from Heaven, and also, before there was an Earth. This should emphasize an important truth that God is not dependent on any Earthly organization, or our religious works to save us. He decided before the existence of any of these things that He would save sinful men through Christ. God has never put the work of Salvation in anything other than Himself - our Salvation is sure for it is in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Places in Christ

God, prior to the beginning, chose to save men through Christ. The "blessings' of Salvation come, not just from heavenly places, but heavenly places..." in Christ." We have heard people say there are many paths, many ways, many roads to God, that our duty is to sincerely choose a path that does no harm to others. This has a superficial appeal but if we do not choose Christ then we cannot receive the blessings that proceed from heavenly places  - in Christ!

How simple life would be if perfect righteousness was only a matter of attending the right Church, or sprinkling something on my skin. Believing that a Church, their rules, or their rituals, will make one perfectly right with God is a fool's paradise.

Chosen Before the Foundation of the World

These "spiritual blessings" were bestowed upon Christians in accord with an eternal purpose. They were not conferred by chance or hap-hazard. They were the result of intention and design on the part of God - we were chosen in Him to be holy and without blame. God had designed from all eternity to bestow these blessings, and they came to us as the result of His everlasting plan. It was not a recent plan; it was not an afterthought; it was not by mere chance; it was the fruit of His eternal counsel. -Barnes-

Holy and Without Blame

God predetermined before Creation that He would have a people who would be holy and without blame - they would be without blemish, blame or fault. They would be holy and the sanctifying work to make them holy would be accomplished through Christ. This is why Christ is our Savior - no Church, no rule, duty, ordinance, or sacrament, can make a person holy and without blame.

It is important to understand that Salvation is by the grace of God, however, there are two parts to our Salvation,  God's part and our part. God finished His part before the foundation of the World and our part is to believe and then act on His part. His part was accomplished in Heaven, our part on Earth. What He has chosen in Heaven I choose on Earth. His grace works in me and I choose to follow Christ. The grace of God is clearly seen in predestination; He predetermined the work that would make men holy and without blame would be accomplished through Jesus Christ.

Spiritual blessings are the blessings of heaven that change our heart. God, through Christ, heals our sinfulness; Christ gives His eternal life to those who were dead. Christ heals us on the inside. By Regeneration He does what no medication or therapist can do - He creates a New Person. He doesn't reform the old, He makes us altogether new!

People really do not need more rules or another Church to attend. They don't need more duties, more standards, or more positive thinking. They don't need more therapy, more medications, or another doctor. Sinful people need a Savior who will fix their sinfulness. This is the issue!

How easy life would be if I could fix myself by doing the right things or attending the right Church. I have many nice people who come to my door trying to get me into their Church. They sincerely believe their Church is God's way to Salvation. I tell them all the same thing, "I don't need another Church or more rules to follow. My problem is deeper than that. I am a sinful man and I need a Savior who will heal my sinfulness. I need Someone who will make me holy and perfectly righteous before God.

All Spiritual Blessings

Back to the main point. The "spiritual blessings" that come from God is what I need for Salvation. I need Regeneration, I need Sanctification, Forgiveness, and Adoption. I need Justification. I need spiritual Circumcision where my fleshly heart is cut away and am given a new heart. I need the Sabbath rest which comes through faith in Christ; I need rest from my own unfruitful works and and I need to rest in the work of Christ that saves. I need victory over my physical body so that it will no longer master me. I need power over my mind and power over my emotions so that they will no longer lead me away from God. I need Adoption so I can belong. I need favor that comes from a loving Father. I need strength to stand and I need to rest in the arms of One stronger than I. These are the things I need and this is exactly what God gives to those who put their trust in Christ

Church membership and good works are important but if they do not proceed from a heart of love for God then they are dead works! It is Christ who renews our heart and gives a genuine love for God; He, by joining Himself to us, is the One who makes our faith significant. For this reason God has put our Salvation squarely in the hands of Christ alone. Christ makes a perfect Atonement for our sins, He gives New Life, He makes us Righteous, He makes us Holy, He gives real love for God, and ultimately, He glorifies those who follow Him. God has never, and will never, entrust the work of Salvation to a Church, a Prophet, an Angel, an experience, or any human work. Salvation is by Promise and God has promised to save those who put their faith in the Person of Jesus Christ.

God bless you,



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