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Keys To Emotional Health

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The Keys To Emotional Health

It is not God’s will for people to live in chronic emotional pain. Chronic sadness, loneliness, discouragement, depression, etc. can be overcome through the redemptive work of Christ. Christ's work heals us on the inside because it joins us to Him and it is through this union that we are empowered to live a healthy life free from the emotional bondage of a sinful nature.

Christ brings us into a new life.  Most emotional issues are related to our old nature and its self-serving thinking patterns. But in Christ our old nature is crucified with him, and with his resurrection we are given a new nature. So, in Christ we have new life which enables one to throw off their old self-serving life and put on a new life that serves Christ. When he died the power of our old life died with him. When he rose from the dead we were raised with him to new life. In Christ we are now dead to the sinful self-serving life, and alive to the life that serves God. In the death of Christ, our old nature went to the cross and died. We now live in the power of a new nature which is found only in the resurrected Christ. Our old nature, which is the source of our problems, is forever broken. This victory over the old nature and the putting on of a new nature is the source of emotional and spiritual health. Through the Cross our old nature is defeated and by the resurrection of Christ we are raised to new life. These are the foundational truths upon which we build our new life. 

But how does one access this New Life? The answer is found in the power of choice; God has given us the ability to believe what He says but we must choose to believe. Without choosing to believe, the promises of a new nature do us no good. Throughout the Scriptures we are told to “choose” so that we can actively live in the new life God has chosen for us. It is by choosing to believe that we access the promises of a new life.

God’s Word exists in seed form. A promise is like a seed - it must be planted and watered to produce fruit. If the promise is never planted within our heart and mind, and if never watered, then it will do us no good. We possess the promises by believing them and then watering them. We must do more than look at the promise, we must do more than want the promise, we must actually put it in the ground. Believing and acting on the promises of a new life actually plants the promises in the soil of our heart. This is how fruit is produced. Without possessing the promises they simply lie dormant. But, if we will believe the Cross crucified our old nature, and if we will believe the Resurrection of Christ gives a new nature, then the Gospel will be planted in our heart and it will produce in us new life. If the Word is planted in good soil, and if given enough water, the Word of God will change our life.

God does not withhold his power from us. His delivering, healing, and saving power is sent to us in the Person and work of Christ. His power is available to all because it exists in the form of a promise. His power is wrapped up in what he says. If we leave it wrapped up then we never experience the healing power of his promises. If we unwrap his promises by choosing to believe what He says, and then acting on what He says, then the power contained within his Word will give us victory over a fleshly nature which is the source of our emotional pain.

God asks that we believe him, trust him, and act on what he says. When we believe God, we give our heart to him. Believing him is the only way we can give ourselves to him. Believing him is the only way to love him. If we believe him and act on what he says then he says he will come and take up residence within our heart.

To be emotionally whole we have to break the rule of a fleshly nature. Jesus gives a new nature but we must put it on. It is through planting the promises of God in our heart that we put off the old and put on the new. Jesus Christ, and his work of Redemption have to be the new emotional foundation of our new life. An old fleshly nature leads only to emptiness but if through the promises of God we put on our new nature we then become dependent upon the Person and work of Christ. IF we possess a new nature then the fruit of that new nature is peace, emotional wholeness, and strength. If we never come to a place of peace it is because we continue to be dependent upon those things which cannot satisfy. If we are emotionally dependent on Christ and on what he says then the love of God will drive out the enemies of fear, hatred, bitterness, and the many discouragements that flow from an old fleshly nature.

If we will allow our mind and our behavior to be shaped by the Word of God then the healing power of the Gospel will heal our broken emotions.  It is the redemptive victories of Christ that provide the foundational truths upon which we build a life of emotional, spiritual, and moral health. God's power to build a new and healthy life is given to us in the work and the Person of Christ. The keys to our emotional health are choosing to believe the death of Christ destroyed our old nature while the resurrection of Christ gives us a new nature. We live by faith and choose to believe these truths. The Word of God states this is how God frees us from the old life of emotional bondage and sin. If this believing and then choosing to act becomes a way of life for us we will see the power of God healing and restoring our broken emotions. 

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