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The Christians Struggle

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Why Do Christians Struggle

If I am a Christian and have a new nature then why do I face so many difficulties and why do I continue to struggle with so many areas of life? The answer is this- We live on planet Earth and we live in a physical body and we continue to live where sin is everywhere present. We are in a spiritual war, with real spirit beings, and their primary goal is to undermine the Person and work of Christ.

Opposition to Christ

The Scripture tells us that, in this world, we will have problems of all kinds. One major reason is that people naturally oppose God and oppose what He says. They simply want their own way. Because of this natural selfishness the world is filled with wars, murders, robbery, immorality, injustice, greed, lying, cheating, etc.. All people everywhere want their own way and that selfish human spirit partners with the demonic together become the source of much of our suffering.

The Arena of Battle

Our spiritual forms an alliance with human nature. There is open fellowship between them. Not a conscious fellowship but a relationship found in agreement of purpose. Darkness hates Christ, and the human nature wants it own way, so they are in an emotional and spiritual agreement; Darkness sets the agenda and our fleshly mind obeys, to oppose the work of Christ. The partnership of Spiritual Darkness with our human nature is formidable for it changes the arena of battle from without to within.

One goal of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil is the elevation of the Human Being. In practice this means spiritual opposition to every person who proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord. Consequently, every single follower of Christ will experience the difficulties (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) associated with following Jesus Christ.

It is our victory over these enemies (inward and outward) that proves salvation to be real. Remember the victory of Job. His righteousness was proved to be real in the context of struggle. Satan suggested and God accepted, the venue. Job overcame personal loss, heartbreak, and the unsound advice of his friends and his wife. These all were part of a grand scheme to cause Job to sin.But it didn't work!

The Mystery of Iniquity

The Scripture tells us, that in this world, the mystery of iniquity is presently at work. This mystery of iniquity is a spiritual wickedness that influences entire cultures. It afflicts Governments, Heads of State, our legal systems, our Courts, our Education systems, our families, our marriages, our employment, our Churches, and every relationship. It, like air, is everywhere, and is ruled by the Prince of the Power of the Air - Satan.

This ongoing presence and work of iniquity profoundly resists the Person and work of Christ. Also, and related, is the reality of an Antichrist spirit in the world who opposes and criticizes any, and every effort to honor Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior. Followers of Christ are the targets of this Antichrist spirit, and because it targets Christians and the message of the Gospel, Christians will continue to suffer all kinds of problems until we leave this world. This

The purpose of spiritual opposition is to ruin the faith of every Christian through worry, fear, discouragement, sin, intimidation, anger, hatred, depression, etc. and cause them to abandon the promises of Christ.

Our Defense

Eph 6:11-12
Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Victory in the Struggle shows Salvation to be Real

Our victory over wickedness proves God's wisdom in choosing to redeem a people through Christ Jesus. The purpose of salvation is to give us victory over sin, over death, over the Devil, and over his arguments. Jesus, by the Cross, purchased this victory for us. Jesus, by His resurrection, is shown to be more powerful than death, sin, and Satan.

We Overcome

Jesus won an amazing victory - He saved and reconciled the unrighteous to God. Man had sinned yet Jesus restored those of faith to righteousness. He won a complete victory over sin, over our fleshly nature, over the World, and over the Devil; He did it all by His death, His burial, and His resurrection.

Our challenge is to live out the redemptive victories of Christ; we show all Creation the wonderful and powerful work of Christ.

Our Life On Earth

God could have translated us directly to heaven the very moment we were born-again. But instead He chose to leave us in this demon possessed, sin infected world. He chose to leave us in a body that is opposed to God, and He chose to leave us with a mind and heart that naturally opposes Him. He then tells us overcome through the management our bodies, and renewal our minds.

Even though we struggle, we are not defeated. We do not allow Evil to rule us! We may stumble, but we get up and keep going; we show principalities and powers the great wisdom of God. Our victory shows them His eternal purposes through Christ Jesus. God has finally and definitively dealt with Satan.

Satan's future consists only in the lake of fire. And, further proof of his defeat is that he will be forcibly cast into the lake of fire. He has opposed God, opposed Christ, opposed the Gospel, and he has been defeated, big time! Our supreme and high calling for the present, is to understand and (by faith) accept our victory and then walk it out!!

God bless you.


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