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Creativity of the Holy Spirit

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The creativity of the Holy Spirit

Genesis 1:1 God CREATED

Why do so many struggle with trusting the Holy Spirit to guide them in life and ministry?
 Could it be we simply do not trust the Holy Spirit, we would rather trust in ourselves.

The God who created everything out of nothing.
The God who creates the beauty of an evening sunset.
The God who created the vastness of all the universe.
The God who created the incredible ability of our eye, and so much more.

Yet so many times we who are part of His creation would rather trust in ourselves than trust in Him.

Are you up against something bigger than yourself today? 
A problem you just can't figure out? 
An issue in ministry? 
A family problem that seems to overwhelm you?

You don't have to figure it out?  God has all the answers, He simply needs us to learn to trust Him.

Go for a walk around your problem for 7 days and be silent...
Go wash 7 times in a dirty river...
Go bake your last meal and give it away...
well you get my point.

We struggle with trusting because often what He asks doesn’t appear to make sense to us.

Again the created not trusting in the creator. 
As a very good friend of mine would say,

I pray we will all learn to trust the creativity of the Holy Spirit in every area of our life.

Loving God's servants to life.


Pastor Mark


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